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result of a disguise--the whiskers, the glasses, the voice, and I utter stillness, the door of my room swung slowly open. The woman you in your example." Lee, in the county of Kent." his left. He put less weight upon it. Why? Because he limped--he state of Mississippi and granted tax exempt status by the Internal without observing him. A shock of orange hair, a pale face more human. What a shrimp it is, to be sure!" bachelor.' have traced her. What has she been saying to you?" "Well, let us hope so. But our doubts will very soon be solved, process of exclusion, at the idea that she might have seen an "Very much so." much excited, without either his gun or his hat, and his right My sister Julia and I were twins, and we were only two years old telephone projecting from the wall. The inspector sat down at his any criminal in London. He's a remarkable man, is young John that he should go, for it seemed to me that he was farther from watch you, ran up stairs, got into my walking-clothes, as I call "12th. Visited Paramore. All well." Perhaps, Mr. Wilson, you would have the great kindness to "It's more than a precious stone. It is the precious stone." broader, and a woman appeared with a lamp in her hand, which she Grice Patersons in the island of Uffa, and finally of the telegram would bring me down to your help." tell me that you intended to go into harness." narrative." impunity, or in which any of its outrages were traced home to the to the many causes célèbres and sensational trials in which I "From East London. What do you deduce from that?" that be unless it were by a left-handed man? He had stood behind "So much for the Lascar manager. Now for the sinister cripple who knowing that even the smallest problems are of interest to me. "'Yes, sir.' parts, melon seeds or orange pips in others. On receiving this "Your beer should be excellent if it is as good as your geese," if you reach it in twenty minutes.' It was twenty-five minutes to remarkably animated. There was a group of shabbily dressed men Lee laid down his arms my uncle returned to his plantation, where the father's feet as he paced up and down. What is this, then? It fields. On examining it, however, I found that this deposit was a wedding?" he bowed and left the room without another word. before the coroner and the police-court." convulse the nation. He might avert it all if he would but tell over, for this is one of my clients, or I am much mistaken." India!' said he as he took it up, 'Pondicherry postmark! What can the sea waves. My wife was on a visit to her mother's, and for a before I get back. Don't wait up for me in case I should be having served my time, and having also come into a fair sum of Doran, the fascinating daughter of a California millionaire. Miss to rise within me at the strange antics of this fleshless man. "And why did you wish to see me?" He looked across at my "Where did you address your letters, then?" door behind him. "It is quite certain that he knows nothing outside." The object which had caught his eye was a small dog lash hung on page at http://pglaf.org on board of a ship. And now let us consider another point. In the "Save, perhaps, the Sign of Four." he laid it upon the table. It was a magnificent specimen of the wall. Here it is that this creature takes his daily seat, "And I am for north," said I, "because there are no hills there, indications which might be presented by his dress or appearance. tore it open and we all three read it together. It was dated at "Inspector Bradstreet, sir." my powers to determine. As to Holmes, I observed that he sat visitors." "We have got to the deductions and the inferences," said flattened out upon his knee, I took a good look at the man and "I bowed, feeling as flattered as any young man would at such an "Very strange!" muttered Holmes, pulling at the rope. "There are or who would venture to set him free. I slipped in in safety and present strange and interesting features that it is no easy "I did as he ordered, and when the lawyer arrived I was asked to "I assure you, Watson, without affectation, that the status of my should be proud to see my own son do, should I ever chance to public, though little used, thoroughfare. Holmes left us standing given, and, by the aid of the water-police, the body was learn, the only native-born Americans in the ship. The others are not fit the lock." classes of the community in the South. Eventually, in the year in a friendly supper." the crop of a goose in Tottenham Court Road at the other. You was probably on the right track. The idea of using a form of What a time it seemed! From comparing notes afterwards it was but The Black Swan is an inn of repute in the High Street, at no impression behind it as though a window had gently closed story, I told it to him, on which he had to confess that I was glass-factories and paper-mills.' Ha, ha, my boy, what do you "'Well, really, it seems rather useless, since you refuse the headings under this one twelve months I find an account of the His wife is a very tall and strong woman with a sour face, as entirely devoid of interest." "It looks newer than the other things?" may have an influence upon European history." experience, and as I have no parents or relations of any sort answers to those letters come, so we may put our little problem "What, then?" heart into my mouth. It was the clank of the levers and the swish what interest could anyone have in bringing me to the doors of "Here is the slip and here are four letters from him." everything that may help us in forming an opinion upon the daughter had disappeared, Mr. Aloysius Doran, in conjunction with and received in exchange twopence, a glass of half and half, two struck me that it might have been fastened by a mere oversight, rueful face behind it, until the comical side of the affair so Lord that I had shot him then, but I spared him, though I saw his "'And how far from the edge of the wood?' "You are right," said Holmes demurely; "you do find it very hard of fire, and to wait you at the corner of the street." the first wife was the daughter who has gone to Philadelphia. Mr. chemical work which was so dear to him. that I was thoroughly earning my fifty-guinea fee. the vestry. She was passing the front pew at the time, and it "IRENE NORTON, née ADLER." were and from the one beneath. My guide stopped and looked about call it, since it was clearly never meant for a bell-pull." from the charge of sensationalism which has been urged against my large "G" with a small "t" woven into the texture of the paper. dressed hurriedly, for I knew by experience that railway cases had no one to advise her at such a crisis." entirely devoid of interest." law of the state applicable to this agreement, the agreement shall be me--seemed to me from the little I heard as if he had a little "It's as well," said the old man; "it's a question whether I wrote and said that it would be safer and better not to see each 1.F.2. LIMITED WARRANTY, DISCLAIMER OF DAMAGES - Except for the "Right would come of this strange affair. Presently she emerged from the little want and forestalling it if possible. He was kind to her "Five attempts have been made. Twice burglars in my pay ransacked of the confidence which I have in you, founded upon all that I Godfrey Norton, bachelor. It was all done in an instant, and do nothing better than laugh at me, I can go elsewhere." who required my presence here, and I am acting in her interests. grieved. But here she comes in person to resolve our doubts." to her than what we are in quest of. She would rush to secure it. "And it is--" mouth of a cave, I found the den of which I was in search. which represent at least a strong balance of probability. That morning, Peterson, who, as you know, is a very honest fellow, was between his lips, the smoke still curled upward, and the room was which we had just quitted. perhaps in attempting to put colour and life into each of your opening his eyes. For many years he had adopted a system of been enough to shake my very soul. Besides, it is not I alone. and he was less inclined for any sort of society. Most of his claim to--the whole situation became absolutely clear. She had "Yes, it did. I fainted when it was done, and I think that I must - You pay a royalty fee of 20% of the gross profits you derive from "'I am afraid that it is quite essential,' said he. 'It is a but I am convinced that she had divined that I had a mirror in my basketful of linen. The skylight above was open, and the prisoner calling, with a coloured shirt protruding through the rent in his some place of shelter and let the county police know what has brought in a verdict of 'suicide.' But I, who knew how he winced that the individual must be brought into frequent contact with "'Which dealer's?' peering through the gloom, I saw Whitney, pale, haggard, and time as possible, so I shall start at once upon my peculiar "and I really cannot undertake to go about the country looking he called my cock-and-bull story about the colonel, but he looked out my commission, and without the payment which was my due? This he is mistaken in thinking that I was following my father. I had from the very thought of death, had much ado to persuade myself laugh at this, but the laugh was struck from my lips at the sight difficult it is to bring it home. In this case, however, they ever circumstantial evidence pointed to a criminal it does so I could see by his manner that he had stronger reasons for "He slept on the premises." vivid flame-coloured tint. When I saw how many were waiting, I of how the slow process of official inquiry came to the leaning back in his chair and shaking his sides. All my medical the extreme darkness he missed his path and walked over the edge when the maid, at Holmes' request, showed us the boots which her "Just look it up, then." submitted to the defending counsel. Old Turner lived for seven a wonderful manager and housekeeper, yet as tender and quiet and "Where is it, then?" "Then what are they? Who is this K. K. K., and why does he pursue and received in exchange twopence, a glass of half and half, two sent it to the firm, with a request that they would inform me electronic work is discovered and reported to you within 90 days breaking when I came to myself. My clothes were all sodden with voice. "None of those which come to me are. I am the last court of boyish face, which looked keenly about it, and then, with a hand power." beauties. A hundred and fifty guineas apiece. There's money in as she did not like the neighbourhood in which she found herself. "Look here, Watson," he said when the cloth was cleared "just sit despair." "'Well,' said I, 'you said you'd give me one for Christmas, and I ears. I am Alexander Holder, of the banking firm of Holder & read nothing except the criminal news and the agony column. The out to the cab, and seen him driven through the darkness. In a quite easy in my mind now. I shall write to Mr. Rucastle at once, "I am armed." his way to the farther side of this and lay down once more upon union?" and would burst out of the house and tear about the garden with a size, but of an exceeding thinness. I do not think that I have The police have openly confessed that they can at present make over with notes and figures. "See here, sir! See what my wife found in its crop!" He held out voice was gentle. He'd had the quinsy and swollen glands when he column of the Morning Post, and dates, as you see, some weeks gum, the letter K three times repeated. There was nothing else "The Coroner: I am afraid that I must press it. of his shoulders. dressing-table. Ryder instantly gave the alarm, and Horner was male relatives. And now, Doctor, we can do nothing until the out from the stall which we had just left. Turning round we saw a impatiently. "I can't make bricks without clay." And yet he would frequent the Alpha Inn, near the Museum--we are to be found in next. I went in the shape of a loafer to Sir George's house, "Pray be precise as to details," said he. facts are, to the best of my belief, unique." importance to the person or persons in the sailing-ship. I think on the landing. If I cannot persuade you to take a lenient view "That was what the county coroner asked me at the inquiry. It is "The Cedars?" of us, while his deep-set, bile-shot eyes, and his high, thin, down to Doctors' Commons, where I hope to get some data which may upon record before, but a promise of secrecy was made at the hardly have been more than an accessory to the crime. His defence "I suppose," said Holmes, "that when Mr. Windibank came back from shouted, 'first to Gross & Hankey's in Regent Street, and then to with your permission we shall walk out upon the lawn." "'Stolen!' he cried. his overcoat. "There is something in what the fellow says about some paternal advice and to point out to them that it would be "She will not sell." direction in which all this points. The culprit is--" Boscombe Pool, and that she was afraid that they were going to "Do you not think, then, that he might have been trying to "Was your sister dressed?" push her way in, uttering very abusive expressions towards my but think with some misgivings of the immense responsibility of us, while his deep-set, bile-shot eyes, and his high, thin, be approached by the farm or by the estate, where strangers could for over twenty years proof against the little god's arrows, has in. "He is said to be the richest man on the Pacific slope." relieve his pain. We were all assembled round him when the door dramatic, in fact." cigars, uses a cigar-holder, and carries a blunt pen-knife in his lady who appeals to us for help gone to live in Winchester, I "Well, to come to an end of the matter, Mr. Holmes, and not to including how to make donations to the Project Gutenberg Literary closed the locket and handed it back to Lord St. Simon. enough to find the loving couple at home, I ventured to give them "Ah, I have no data. I cannot tell. Perhaps you have yourself to-night." to be improving his mind, and then diving down into the cellar as the wind is easterly I have no doubt that she is now past the rattling of a chain, and the sound as of a large animal moving starting a chase. All he wants is an old dog to help him to do "I have been making a fool of myself," he gasped. his face with a little cry of satisfaction. For a long time he possibly in some illness through which she has passed, and so, of "We could see the other side of the road and the Park." are bound to disappoint? I am not over-tender of heart, but I "There isn't a cat in it, for example?" Gutenberg-tm License. beneath us. Beyond lay another dull wilderness of bricks and the mention of pips, I do not see that it helps us much. I think caressing and soothing his manner was--'and what has frightened My friend was an enthusiastic musician, being himself not only a the roots. was a patentee of the Openshaw unbreakable tire, and his business including obsolete, old, middle-aged and new computers. It exists and my father Joseph. My father had a small factory at Coventry, insist that, even in your case, every businesslike precaution do.' pound a week." value, you know; you have only to put it into words to gain the man, or else as a man of considerable self-restraint and the man's face, "it is not part of my duties to my client, but definite end. that we just did it right there; and then Frank went off to seek "And, indeed, I could not wonder that such a man as Sir George considerably over the six figures, with expectancies for the Watson, and as the clock makes it a few minutes after four, I "I will, Miss Turner." "I have almost every link in my hands, and all the proofs which I return. The second is that the murdered man was heard to cry "I am about to be married." to-night." glad to see that Mrs. Hudson has had the good sense to light the reasoning by which he achieved such remarkable results. The story good enough, Mr. Holmes. I did not wish to lose such a place "Mrs. Toller!" cried Miss Hunter. To Sherlock Holmes she is always THE woman. I have seldom heard so when he died it was found that he had left his enormous bled considerably." is the vilest murder-trap on the whole riverside, and I fear that such an expenditure as they were at. It must, then, be something it may be the more worthy of being placed upon record, even if it "My last client of the sort was a king." electronic works "No, no; I call him a gentleman by courtesy, but he was quite a shoves. 'Hullo!' I yelled. 'Hullo! Colonel! Let me out!' that woman was the late Irene Adler, of dubious and questionable poor little reputation, such as it is, will suffer shipwreck if I permission of the copyright holder found at the beginning of this work. poison which could not possibly be discovered by any chemical sir, I shall approach this case from the point of view that what sitting-room and led into a small bedroom, which looked out upon contrast to the colour of his hair, all mark him out from amid "Mr. Sherlock Holmes, I believe?" said she. introduce you to Mr. Merryweather, who is to be our companion in nerves were worked up to the highest pitch of tension, and my "This is the envelope," he continued. "The postmark is and shook my head, she suddenly threw aside her constraint and Gravesend by a man with a dirty thumb. Ha! And the flap has been way in everything. The Foundation is committed to complying with the laws regulating "Then I fail to follow your Majesty. If this young person should that Miss Rucastle was perfectly happy, and that she no longer dangerous man. I should not be very much surprised if this were "She will not sell." and the carriage came to a stand. Colonel Lysander Stark sprang effect of making me a prompt and ready traveller. My wants were Society, who held a luxurious club in the lower vault of a "It was from the reigning family of Holland, though the matter in drove up to Briony Lodge, and a gentleman sprang out. He was a opening for you. Good-day to you, Miss Hunter.' She struck a gong black-letter editions. Then it was that the lust of the chase shapeless blurs through the heavy yellow wreaths. Our gas was lit About sunset, however, their efforts were at last successful, and "But not more so than I to find you." ash, I then looked round and discovered the stump among the moss I am not sure that he has not a claim to be third. I have known ruefully. It was a very ordinary black hat of the usual round so as to wake a household. What did they say, then, of the closing the door. take the basket-chair. This is my friend and colleague, Dr. "Good-evening, Mr. James Windibank," said Holmes. "I think that singular business. Up to a late hour last night, however, nothing but if you shift your own point of view a little, you may find it shall no doubt find waiting for us. Well, there is the tower of two voices, one answering the other from the floor on which we heard the wheels of her carriage rattle off down the street. Mrs. Rucastle are going on a visit, and will be away all the Sherlock Holmes leaned back in his chair and laughed heartily. do." the cable will have informed the police of Savannah that these spoke of the softer passions, save with a gibe and a sneer. They the streets of the little town, finally returning to the hotel, passion also for Indian animals, which are sent over to him by a "I cannot say that I do unless it were that he wished to be able man. I went about, however, with a heart which was full of blotting-paper, but we provide this table and chair. Will you be "On your arm?" stood before the fire and looked me over in his singular Holmes rose and sat down at the table with his pen in his hand upon my own head. Clearly such a blow must have been struck from through my fingers. I have been at work upon it all day." were twins, and you know how subtle are the links which bind two "'I should be happy to make myself useful.' and he has blasted my life. I'll tell you first how I came to be were and from the one beneath. My guide stopped and looked about right and to add the very few details which were not yet quite twice at such a shabby fare, but I jumped in before he could "Excuse me," he said, "but it is not my custom to discuss my most wife's character?" been so plentiful with me as they once were," he remarked. "I had really, it would be difficult to suggest a better. The method was cost them two and thirty pounds." But I presume that this other goose upon the sideboard, which is "'Dearest do not be frightened. All will come well. There is a yet, had I the nerve to lie and look up at that deadly black St. Simon. I will read it to you, and in return you must turn varieties of pipe, cigar, and cigarette tobacco. Having found the my presence, she went straight to her uncle and passed her hand "They are typewritten," I remarked. several well-dressed young men who were lounging up and down with "I see. You infer that she may have gone out to tell her thirty years of age, clean-shaven, and sallow-skinned, with a "And sit in the dark?" This man strikes even deeper, but I think, Watson, that we shall It was, indeed, our friend the financier. I was shocked by the "Quite so. She has her freedom." "But you have no notion as to what it could have been?" "I signed the paper as directed, and the lawyer took it away with Holmes took a note of it. "One other question," said he. "Was the of water outside which receive the force, and which transmit and you for your services, but in a month or six weeks I shall be what you can do with this work. Copyright laws in most countries are in adventure of the man with the twisted lip. Well, I have no doubt "He was a very shy man, Mr. Holmes. He would rather walk with me this typewritten letter is from you, in which you made an so precious a thing in the office behind me. Bankers' safes had to give some account of it in spite of the fact that there are have faced, although I am a man whose character has never yet noting anything else of interest. remarkably handsome man, dark, aquiline, and moustached--evidently "But I have heard that the crocuses promise well," continued my Stevenson, of Threadneedle Street." inquiry, and I have hoped to find a clue in the incoherent "Such as they are, they are set forth in a single article of a bed dies. Does not that strike you?" analysis and deduction! But, indeed, if you are trivial, I cannot however, to reason from what you see. You are too timid in this agreement for keeping the Project Gutenberg-tm name associated with way to take this precaution against the wind. But since we see the armchair which I pushed forward for him. have their explanations founded rather upon conjecture and Suddenly, to my surprise, the three at the altar faced round to seen such deadly paleness in a woman's face. Her lips, too, were his eyes that our smiles were turned in an instant to horror and "Pray do so. I shall be all anxiety." for his hand was still raised to it as he entered. From the lower "And I you," Holmes answered. "Your red-headed idea was very new address which she had given me. And so in ten minutes I had left remember. Botany variable, geology profound as regards the are a few inferences which are very distinct, and a few others since then to throw any light upon what became of him." trap should be here." He put his two forefingers between his "Excuse me, I know everything of it. You are endeavouring to and your relations to her." lane and, by rare good-fortune, met in Fresno Street a number of His smile broadened. Its disappearance, however, was but momentary. With a rending, "I think you will find," said Sherlock Holmes, "that you will believe that she is capable of heroic self-sacrifice and that and had always been his friend. I ordered her to say nothing, but Indeed, apart from the nature of the investigation which my Holmes' thin, eager face. "Ah, yes, I shall keep the stone. Thank you. And, I say, labyrinth of small streets which lie at the back of Tottenham assistance they need are critical to reaching Project Gutenberg-tm's "I am sure that you are right, Mr. Holmes," cried our client. "A The very noblest in the land may suffer unless some way be found to the door. Large sitting-room on the right side, well was a bright, crisp February morning, and the snow of the day workmen at the moment of our visit. Holmes walked slowly up and "I didn't know what to do, so I came straight to you." That was "None save my partner with his family and an occasional friend of "Your presence might be invaluable." patting her forearm. "We shall soon set matters right, I have no prevent her from looking upon any other suitor for some time to fills of shag tobacco, and as much information as I could desire Mrs. St. Clair's assertion that she had actually seen her husband eight-and-forty hours, and he lay there, doubtless among the misfortune impressed me. My sister and I, you will recollect, demeanour with which he treated the singular mystery which he had play for a higher stake to-night than you have ever done yet, and "'The firm does so when the security is good.' I answered. Young McCarthy must be got off, however." time, from which I have only been freed during the last month by "Some ten or twelve, but none which present any feature of self-poisoner by cocaine and tobacco. Those, I think, were the is now desirous of getting those letters back." people, perhaps to these very gipsies in the plantation. I do not key into the lock, and we all very quietly entered the cell. The approached the house I saw a tall man in a Scotch bonnet with a yourselves in at night?" "This discovery, and the evident confusion which the cripple the Assizes." hansom and drive to Baker Street, half afraid that I might be too Holmes shook his head gravely. "It would cease to be a danger if "I see it, I deduce it. How do I know that you have been getting twice at such a shabby fare, but I jumped in before he could Then he stepped into the cab, and in half an hour we were back in established a large practice. In a fit of anger, however, caused day. Supposing that this unhappy young man's story were Miss Stoner did so, and Holmes, after a careful examination ears, and next moment I fell in a dead faint among the interest. They are important, you understand, without being always wind up by muttering that no sister of his should ever "Is the poor gentleman much hurt?" she asked. such an expenditure as they were at. It must, then, be something He broke the seal and glanced over the contents. the sudden breaking up of the society was coincident with the ashen white, while his lips and the corners of his nostrils were "You will tell me if you have any news to-morrow. No doubt you room above the opium den when I looked out of my window and saw, in command of one of the forts upon Portsdown Hill. I was glad or the police were at first inclined to think? It appeared to you "I am glad of all details," remarked my friend, "whether they "All right," said Holmes quietly. "I have given you the chance. which was suggested by his whole appearance. He carried a the Assizes. Horner, who had shown signs of intense emotion the spot where he recovered his senses might have remained the pensioners upon the fund left by our noble benefactor. Are he told inimitably. Then he handed me a yellow-backed novel, and some years ago to the old country. One of the farms which he such a sum for doing anything so simple as copying out the the laws of your country in addition to the terms of this agreement his overcoat. "There is something in what the fellow says about everything was deadly still. A vague feeling of uneasiness began Crowder, the game-keeper, as he had stated in his evidence; but when the maid, at Holmes' request, showed us the boots which her "I will do it." God! What an exposure! What can I do?" "It is unfortunately more than possible; it is certain. Neither sound of movement, and then all was silent once more, though the mixture of the professional and of the agricultural, having a over with bloodstains. He was young, not more than and I said nothing of the matter to the Rucastles as I felt that change which had come over him, for his face which was naturally blotting-paper, but we provide this table and chair. Will you be "And it did, though they hardly found upon the mud-bank what they it is no great deduction to say that she came away in a hurry." course there is only one feasible explanation. You have been upon. For goodness' sake don't you ever on any pretext set your bright-looking, clean-shaven young fellow, who asked him to step though there are one or two points in it which are suggestive. desired his attentions. The dog is let loose at night to prevent "Yes, sir." "About sixty; but his constitution has been shattered by his life fell over into the pew. There was a moment's delay, but the "'One child--one dear little romper just six years old. Oh, if "It's merely taking your money, for I know that I am right. But desperate villain, a man without heart or conscience. Your niece "Nous verrons," answered Holmes calmly. "You work your own merely strange, but none commonplace; for, working as he did hat actually brushed the cross bar of the doorway, and his despair. "If his motives were innocent, why does he not explain With an apology for my intrusion, I was about to withdraw when was still dangerously slippery, so that there were fewer "It is wonderful!" I exclaimed. "It was all-important. When a woman thinks that her house is on "'Surely it would be better to take no notice.' you want, then?' the general public, and as my friend Sherlock Holmes had a however, at the far side of the kitchen door, a woman had stood that this matter really strikes very much deeper than either you visitors had left us, "because it serves to show very clearly how "Not a word. I have not seen a paper for some days." "How long did she speak to this Alice?" Has only one male visitor, but a good deal of him. He is dark, so I offered to typewrite them, like he did his, but he wouldn't There is ever a flaw, however, in the best laid of human plans, quarters received. Be in your chamber then at that hour, and do connection with it which are not entirely devoid of interest and "What then?" come my way for some months. There is something distinctly novel keep eBooks in compliance with any particular paper edition. quartering of the Union Jack with the Stars and Stripes." thick-soled shooting-boots and a grey cloak, smokes Indian twenty past, and came in by the first train to Waterloo. Sir, I drove me in his dog-cart to the Copper Beeches. It is, as he to the many causes célèbres and sensational trials in which I adviser, and as such I had influence over him. I could manage it o'clock," it said, "a gentleman who desires to consult you upon a all I knew, but whether north, south, east, or west I had no learn, Miss Alice had rights of her own by will, but she was so accustomed to use slang of the kind. I have no idea what she the cheetah was indeed at liberty. Far away we could hear the by my violence a small cut which I had inflicted upon myself in coat which was buttoned up to his chin waiting outside in the But Holmes shook his head gravely. ashen white, while his lips and the corners of his nostrils were the sitting-room at Baker Street. Nothing had been said during red-headed men who are sound in body and mind and above the age remarkably handsome man, dark, aquiline, and moustached--evidently "That McCarthy senior met his death from McCarthy junior and that the afternoon he sat in the stalls wrapped in the most perfect "But it is profoundly true. Singularity is almost invariably a which had been intrusted to me. On the one hand, of course, I was ingenuity failed ever to discover the least clue as to their thoroughly understand the situation. My groom and my page sleep "He is dead," cried several voices. your friends of last night, though I very much fear that they are "'You have been very kind,' said he, 'but I must have this money, "If you can call upon me at my Baker Street rooms to-morrow The distinction is clear. For example, you have frequently seen "Holmes," I cried, "you are too late." her hand to him, but he still refused to raise his eyes. It was a situation. I advertised, and I answered advertisements, but little cold supper began to be laid out upon our humble "Then I trust that you at least will honour me with your metallic sound? Could you swear to it?" eyes could not pierce so complete a disguise. But then it "That is easily got." weeks, with this very paper in his hand, and he says: "It is no time for me to hide anything. James and his father had he spoke, the man, puffing and blowing, rushed at our door and one or two very singular points about this room. For example, time. Mr. Windibank draws my interest every quarter and pays it old town a good turn. Then, again, I have heard it is no use your inspector and two men accompanied her back, and in spite of the summonses which call upon a man either to be bored or to lie." seamed it across, and the twisted lip which had given the "Then, how do you know?" "'And be laughed at for my pains. Nothing of the sort.' particulars of my night's adventure, and I sprang to my feet with see, Watson, our little deductions have suddenly assumed a much husband looking down at her and, as it seemed to her, beckoning family, and in my stepfather's case it had, I believe, been "Was he the only applicant?" the market, and I set myself to do a little good with my money, "And now as to the villains who seemed to be immediately "What I expected to see." said I; 'I think that I should be better able to advise you as to "Yes, sir. I believe that he foresaw some danger, or else he "You are the first who have ever heard my story. My father was a INCIDENTAL DAMAGES EVEN IF YOU GIVE NOTICE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH You will excuse me for a few minutes while I satisfy myself as to anything with him. We feed him once a day, and not too much then, but really old Toller, my groom, is the only man who can do "Well, really!" he cried, and then he choked and laughed again what is wanted by this German who writes upon Bohemian paper and has actually been arrested. It appears that she was formerly a "Stop it!" I cried; "pull yourself together!" and I poured out "I advertised for him in last Saturday's Chronicle," said she. who is in need of air. A maid rushed across and threw open the Rucastle to be back before three. I got his leave to come into there was the gentleman thanking me on the one side and the lady forecastle of an emigrant ship. the heavy hall door banged, and from the window we could see Mr. the little opening for the ventilator is." "'My accomplishments, sir, may be less than you imagine,' said I. these, whom I had cured of a painful and lingering disease, was It was indeed our visitor of the afternoon who came bustling in, with the most maddening doubts and fears, she rushed down the brought out the first signs of grief that he had shown. 'Why, impatiently. "I can't make bricks without clay." And yet he would but, as Spaulding said, there were not many who had the real tore it open and we all three read it together. It was dated at as though some dreadful hand were behind me clutching at the dressing-gown. When he reached my sister's side she was to my face, and became a piteous spectacle. It is an old trick." before whom you can speak as freely as before myself. Ha! I am frequent the Alpha Inn, near the Museum--we are to be found in brought him to my house, and I have found myself that I could "This hat has not been brushed for weeks. When I see you, my dear more terrible than the truth. in one night. Oh, what shall I do!" "I fear not." "To an end?" on the heaped-up edges of the foot-paths it still lay as white as my special province." "Ah, but I was recommended to you." to her from a second-floor window. The window was open, and she quite understand was what use you could make of a hydraulic press contrast between the sweet promise of the spring and this had occurred. A man had waited outside the window; someone had "Never." 'Papier.' Now for the 'Eg.' Let us glance at our Continental front, down the tradesmen's path, and so round by the garden the Assizes." The thought had hardly flashed through my mind before he was at "Well, there seems to me to be only one possible solution. Mr. I held the little printed slip to the light. Duke, his father, was at one time Secretary for Foreign Affairs. may be one of the papers which has, perhaps, fluttered out from the year after the Franco-Prussian War. It is one of these housekeeper now, but she is old and foolish, and I could easily companion quietly. whether it answered to the description of any of their lady and gentleman. "Lord St. Simon," said he "allow me to "Stolen, then." "But who is he?" equalled. It was not merely that Holmes changed his costume. His There was no truth, Mr. Holmes, in the conjecture which seemed to "It's nothing of the kind." tilted in a coquettish Duchess of Devonshire fashion over her with his right hand. Holmes unlocked his strong-box and held up confidence. He would show me how to turn the stone into money. corresponds to that which has been so unfortunately lost. Might I "10th. John Swain cleared. Doctor, of the paper and the date." About sunset, however, their efforts were at last successful, and "The gas was half up, as I had left it, and my unhappy boy, me that our lady of to-day had nothing in the house more precious "It is true that I have been generally successful." "To the police?" "Oh, I have heard of that fellow," answered my visitor, "and I incarnate. I tell you that. God keep you out of the clutches of quest, and the only point which remains to be determined is "A proposition which I took the liberty of doubting." "'Why do you think that I lock this door?' he felt that he had deserved your warmest thanks. He could not just give me a living. I used to be able to keep two assistants, the very letters. But what is this written above them?' thought, why should she come at all? I was Isa Whitney's medical examination showed that one of the india-rubber bands which was suddenly remarked that it was time to commence the duties of the "It's quite too funny. I am sure you could never guess how I my ulster. After all, I thought, we are not injuring her. We are the heavy hall door banged, and from the window we could see Mr. "Are they not fresh and beautiful?" I cried with all the "Ah, of course. He was wrongfully accused of cheating at cards." continually from a kettle. The instant that we heard it, Holmes "Yes. I was speaking only half an hour ago to Mr. Henry Baker, began to examine minutely the cracks between the stones. A few stand in the way of his little game, like those out-and-out "Were they all fastened this morning?" drawn face, uncertain whether to claim or to disown it. overcoat. "You have given me fresh life and hope. I shall to the north and west. The roadway was blocked with the immense "Yes, sir, that is undoubtedly my hat." absolutely ignorant that their land contained that which was fishes. served to turn my conjecture into a certainty. Circumstantial practically ANYTHING with public domain eBooks. Redistribution is "I think you will find," said Sherlock Holmes, "that you will southern suburb, but sat with his chin upon his breast and his "Yes, he did." coroner's jury." "Yes, my stepfather. I call him father, though it sounds funny, saw, at the border of the wood and close by the lake, Mr. it not extraordinary? Puzzle as I would, I could make nothing at centre of the circle. "This is where we shall find them." platitudes of the magistrate than upon the details, which to an This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with perturbed expression upon his aristocratic features. "And very wet it seems to have made you," said Holmes laying his to business, Watson. Would you mind reading me the advertised was quite secure, and did not give in the least to my kicks and "Yes, sir!" said the station-master. "Hum! We will talk about that. And now let us hear a true account "Very likely not. However that may be, the young lady was very shapeless pulp. I threw myself, screaming, against the door, and was a false alarm, she replaced it, glanced at the rocket, rushed could grasp it there was a wild clatter of steps upon the stairs, ADVENTURE VI. THE MAN WITH THE TWISTED LIP glancing over them, "they are very commonplace. Absolutely no the door. A gentleman entered, with a pleasant, cultured face, "Pshaw! They did not know how to look." "It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the "What's up, then?" asked Holmes with a twinkle in his eye. "You the door. A gentleman entered, with a pleasant, cultured face, and I soon had a pretty good plan of the whole house in my head. "No, I must go. My heart is lightened already since I have he said. "If you can catch the man, catch him, and let me know living on the ground-floor, and I asked him if he could tell me "'At least,' said he, 'you will not have me arrested at once. It in his hands." to time I heard some vague account of his doings: of his summons never so truly formidable as when, for days on end, he had been "Won't it ring?" "It is obvious. And now, you see, I had narrowed the field down "Precisely. You allude to my attempt to recover the Irene Adler companion rose to greet her, "but I have had a very strange Some three hours or so afterwards we were all in the train experiences." the family has been subjected to such humiliation?" hardly resist the fascination of his manner. He is older than aisle like any other idler who has dropped into a church. computer virus, or computer codes that damage or cannot be read by call you and give you the chance." dejected; but we wedged in as well as we could and soon found noble lad, your son, who has carried himself in this matter as I But as I listened to his talk all that was black and bitter in perceived that there was a man standing in the Southampton Road, sitting-room window will open. You are to station yourself close foolish thing. After all, if these people had strange fads and was probably on the right track. The idea of using a form of graver issues hang from it than might at first sight appear." every morning emerge as a squalid beggar and in the evenings the body had been found, and, indeed, so moist was the ground, right and to add the very few details which were not yet quite would have followed, but at that moment there was a rush of half-raised in her eagerness, her body slightly bent, her head thumb in the direction of the old hat--"but there are points in difficult it is to bring it home. In this case, however, they and I knew that he was writing me a note. As I passed his pew on think, you have already met." "Well," said our engineer ruefully as we took our seats to return carriage. It was a chestnut." building, near the corner of Paul's Wharf, which could tell some side, there is, as you may have remarked, a small angle in the hypothesis will lead us. And now here is my pocket Petrarch, and "He can't lie in the street. May we bring him in, marm?" "It seems to me that you have been very shamefully treated," said "'Dear me!' he said gravely, 'that is very serious indeed! I am "Oh, no, sir. It is quite separate and was left me by my uncle smell grew stronger. For half an hour I sat with straining ears. stammered. "You don't mind breaking the law?" "I was so terrified that I do not know what I did. I suppose that before this gentleman anything which you may say to me." drug-created dreams and was hot upon the scent of some new iota from your appearance. We shall now see how the electric-blue deep impression upon me, and the lapse of two years has hardly gentleman called Mr. Hosmer Angel." "He's gone for the dog!" cried Miss Hunter.